For ALL North Carolina Residents:

  • Free confidential personalized tips on caring for people with memory disorders.
  • Free telephone help with care decisions or coping strategies.
  • Free current Alzheimer’s information packet.
  • Free subscription to The Caregiver newsletter (two issues a year) with research updates from the Bryan Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Duke.
  • Current research updates on memory disorders and options for participation in Alzheimer’s or family caregiver studies.
  • Help in selecting and locating support groups, education programs, websites, books or training materials for family, volunteer, paraprofessional or professional care providers.
    The Links/Resources page has an annotated list of publications, training materials and ordering information.
  • Free telephone help or mailed information on selecting and evaluating assisted living or nursing facility care.
  • Free consultations to NC agencies providing services for persons with memory disorders or their family caregivers.
  • View and share our brochure.
  • View and share our Early-Stage & Beyond Community brochure.

For Residents in Central North Carolina:

Project C.A.R.E. (Caregiver Alternatives to Running on Empty) offers ongoing family consultation services by telephone and email to caregivers of persons with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

  • Family consultation includes information and referral to local available supports and services, and consultation on how to care for or communicate with a person with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.
  • Family caregivers will be referred to entitlement or subsidized programs and community services, appropriate evidence-based or private programs, and the family consultant will connect the caregiver with potential no-cost social support networks.

Project C.A.R.E. family consultants also provide training and assistance to community organizations to increase capacity to assist persons with dementia and their families.

The goal of Project C.A.R.E. is to reduce caregiver stress and uncertainty so that people with dementia can remain at home as preferred. Project C.A.R.E. is administered through the NC DHHS Division of Aging and Adult Services.

Central NC counties: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Davidson, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Guilford, Johnston, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Orange, Person, Randolph, Rockingham, Vance, Wake and Warren.

For more information about Project C.A.R.E., and for Western and Eastern NC offices, go to the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services.

For Duke Employees:

You may call, email or schedule an in-person consultation with one of our social workers for help with your questions about elder care. We specialize in geriatrics, family caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease.

For All of the Above Services, Contact:
Lisa Gwyther, LCSW, MSW 919-660-7510 or [email protected] OR
Bobbi G. Matchar, MSW, MHA 919-660-7510 or [email protected] OR
Janeli McNeal, MSW 919-660-7510 or [email protected] OR
Natalie Leary, MSW, LCSW 919-660-7510 or [email protected]